Saturday, October 3, 2015

St. Mary's basilica. 

Łancut (pronounced Wantsoot) Castle. No photos allowed inside, none, nope, never. Plenty turystyka stuff available. Never had exactly that cone in America, but great graphic.

These aren't happening on Saturday, but earlier. I didn't have a chance to post here for several days. 
More Zamosc. 

Zamosc was built about 1600 as a planned imitation Italian  city. Exteriors have been restored and its stunning. 

Supper was a picnic, around the campfire. The weather, hot soup, a little wodka, a little singing. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Czar's rail station

The national park survived unlogged as a hunting preserve for royalty. A Czar built a spur and private station, now used as a restaurant. Food was pretty good--large dumplings. Steam excursions run from here.


Hotel breakfast. Stairway light sculpture.

Bison preserve at Białoweiża; hotel; lunch at the Czar's private railway station; nearby village; campfire supper

Hotel wifi here at the Żubrowka in Białoweiża is mostly absent from the room, so I can't post much. Our tour events are lots of fun, and we eat too much. Cold weather, early nightfall, and a weird jetlag have me falling asleep at 8:30 pm.

Reserve for European bison, now down to 5500 (that's up from a couple dozen after WW2). Careful breeding programs with other Reserves. Other animals also. Wagon ride. German WW1 logging railroad. Us on the march. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Poland: Warsaw

These ancient houses were actually built in the 1950's, as like as possible to the originals dynamited by the Nazis in 1944.